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srsbarista's Journal

27 August 1987
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  • srsbarista@livejournal.com
Player Name: Kat
Character Name: Shouichi Irie
Character Age: 27
Any changes to your character's appearance?: Did you not notice the GIANT mole on hi No.
Type of change: N/A

Company: Millefiore~
Position: Head of IT
Skills and Abilities: Whiz when it comes to fixing paper jams, reviving dead computers, and maneuvering the ins and outs of the Cervello's network. Shouichi's got a temper when it comes to mistreating machines, and isn't afraid to really rip into someone for doing things like breaking the shredder. He considers all the machines in the MF his babies, even though it gives him a headache keeping track of them all.

Also makes a mean cup of coffee.

Updated History: At 16 Shouichi first left Japan's shores in order to take place in a robotics competition. Shouichi's exposure to the outside world through technology did not end there, as Shouichi kept in contact with people met at the competition, and joined several boards and forums that were internationally based. Shouichi won a scholarship to a foreign university that specialized in computers and he left Japan for six years. After graduating with a BA in computer programing/computer engineering Shouichi went on to get his masters. He started working for a publishing house as an intern during college, and took on a full time position there once he had graduated.

When Shouichi was twenty-four he was seduced by the Millefiore into a long-term contract. Shouichi moved back to Japan and he rose to head of IT over the next three years. The position is as much earned by Shouichi's administrative abilities as his technological expertise.